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    We make handmade goods that celebrate the places and things that remind us of home.

    Home has a different meaning to each and every person.  Sure, home is a place….but sometimes home is cozying up with a good book, reaching that runner’s high in the middle of a long run, or expressing gratitude in a personal journal.  For others, home is spending time with family and friends around the table with good food and even better drinks. 

    We make goods that remind you of that.

    I say “we” because it sounds so much fancier, but really….it’s just me, Ryan. 

    I married my high school sweetheart and I’m a dad of 3 beautiful little girls.  I take so much pride in the process of designing and making things by hand.  I believe that everything in our homes should help tell our story, so I design with that mindset.

    Speaking of home, mine is Akron, Ohio.  It’s where we put olives on our burgers, mounds of cheese on our salads, and celebrate the greatest player to  ever step on a basketball court.   Every item is made to order from my creative studio here, so that means that everything is made with you in mind.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

    I am so grateful that you checked out the shop.  When you buy from small businesses, you support a true love and a dream. Thanks for stopping by, you’re the best.

    I hope you enjoy what “we” make as much as “we” enjoy making it.

    Much love,